CSR (June 2023)

For this quarter, the Firm visited Salt Foundation, a rehabilitation unit for people with mental disabilities, which is in Mbezi – Makabe, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on 29th June 2023. Salt Foundation is a non-governmental foundation aimed at helping people with mental disabilities by offering them physiotherapy, speech simulation, cognitive development, music therapy, aqua therapy, art therapy and computer skills. The Foundation provides accommodation for those without homes or who have been abandoned due to their disabilities as well as training.

Ms. Lucy Lusenge, (Legal Officer at QnB) oversaw this quarter’s CSR program whereby prior to the visitation, she made inquiries on the works of the Foundation as well as how the Firm could be of help to the Foundation and the children being taken care of by the Foundation. Ms. Lucy was in communication with the Director of the Foundation, Ms. Rebecca Lebi, who informed on the challenges the Foundation was facing and how the Firm could be of help towards the Foundation and the children in the Foundation.

On Saturday the 29th day of June 2023, the Firm members drove all the way to Salt Foundation and were welcomed by staff of the Foundation and cheery kids. Ms. Rebecca went on to officially welcome the Firm and gave us a brief on the Foundation and the children that are being taken care of at the Foundation; these are children with autism, down syndrome, severe epilepsy and cerebral paralysis.

Ms. Rebecca went on to give the Firm members a tour of the Foundation and its surroundings. Food items were handed to the Foundation and the Firm members and some of the children went on to the children’s classes to enjoy a fun activity together of painting canvases. The children were excited to start painting and went right on to painting after distribution of the canvases. QnB members and some staff of the Foundation also joined in on the painting of the canvases.

It was a joyful day, and everyone had an amazing time and was delighted on how the day went. The Foundation welcomed the Firm on its future event, opening of a new location of the Foundation in September, whereby the Firm is excited to attend the new opening.

Report prepared by:
Ms. Lucy Lusenge, Legal Officer

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