Corporate Social Responsibility​

QnB Law & Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of a tradition at QnB Law, the Firm gives back to the community in one way or the other through its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR), which is integrated into the Firm’s culture and business operations. The Firm is committed to upholding the said tradition by implementing the policy quarterly by engaging in CSR programs that have a lasting impact on many of today’s social and economic challenges.

The goal of the Firm in practicing the CSR is to reach out and provide positive social value beyond transacting with its clients; to make the world a better place, to remind QnB members that we stem from our communities, and thus it’s our responsibility to make a difference in them.

We are committed to operating in a responsible way by participating in environmental initiatives and using our legal services to support our communities through volunteering, pro bono works, and charitable programs.

CSR (March 2024)

Activity: Visitation to the Child Custody Centre at Upanga, Dar es Salaam. Coordinated by: Innocent Swai, (Legal Officer)   Introduction...

CSR (December 2023)

For this last quarter of the year, all staff members of the Firm visited cancer patients at Ocean Road Cancer...

CSR (October 2023)

Our CSR program for this quarter aimed at raising awareness on the laws governing mental illness in Tanzania by reviewing...

CSR (June 2023)

For this quarter, the Firm visited Salt Foundation, a rehabilitation unit for people with mental disabilities, which is in Mbezi...

CSR (March 2023)

For this quarter, all staff members of the Firm visited Nunge Elderly Home in Kigamboni District - Dar es Salaam...

CSR (December 2022)

For this quarter, the Firm visited sick children in Haemato-oncology Unit under the Pediatrics and Child Health Department at Muhimbili...

CSR (September 2022)

For this quarter, all staff members of the Firm visited cancer patients at Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) on 3rd...


Why Clients Choose Us?

As part of our core values, you can expect an honest, straightforward evaluation of:

THE merits of your corporate issue in question.

HOW drawbacks and hurdles in your corporate governance playbook impact your business affairs.

WHAT chances that you will be able to and how to remedy a situation in your corporate issue in question.

WHICH methodologies that you may adopt to avoid a repetition of or a similar corporate issue from impacting your business operation through the law.

WHERE the costs and risks will be if you do not ensure compliance in your corporate engagements and business dealings.