Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Our Billing Policy is that “scope of work determines our fee”. After understanding and agreeing on what the client wants (in most cases this is established after the first consultation session while in some cases it takes more than one consultation session to have clear instructions from the client), we draw up the scope of work and provide the client with our pricing for such scope of work upfront. Breaking the traditional billable hour model and embracing the modern billing models, our Billing Policy allows us to provide clear and value-driven pricing for our legal services from the beginning which gives our clients pricing certainty for the legal services they are about to consume.

The information that we might need you to bring / have with you to the first consultation session may vary depending on the specific legal issue / project that you are seeking consultation on. This is usually advised when scheduling for the consultation session.


Our lawyers will always communicate with you by email or phone (communication done by phone is thereafter summarized in an email for records purposes). Regular contact with you is critical in order to provide updates on your matter and obtain your further instructions. It is our policy to respond to client emails or phone calls within 24 hours on business days, where applicable. And we ask that our clients also respond to our emails or phone calls in a timely fashion.

The communication between our attorneys and clients are generally confidential. We adhere to a commonly known “attorney-client privilege” principal, which preserves the confidentiality of communications had in confidence between a lawyer and the client for the purpose of seeking legal advice. Prior the consultation, we advise our clients of the attorney-client privilege and its extent; and encourage them to openly share information to allow an effective legal representation or consultation.

Our Firm is located on the 1st Floor, Cube, along Yacht Club Road, Dar es Salaam. We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Normally a client will ring us about their matter, and depending on the circumstances of the matter, we assess the “urgency” and schedule an immediate consultation session.

We provide service with a human touch and treat each legal situation uniquely. We bring passion, expertise, and experience together; and believe in invoking the unique soul of every legal situation. No matter how similar the legal situations may be, each legal situation is unique and treated distinctively at QnB Law.

Generally, yes. A client is billed for the initial consultation at a rate of between $75 and $125. If the Firm ends up representing the client on the matter consulted for, the initial consultation fee is refunded to the client by deducting it from the new total bill of the client, that is to say, the client will pay the new bill less the initial consultation fee.