CSR (September 2022)

For this quarter, all staff members of the Firm visited cancer patients at Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) on 3rd September 2022.

Ms. Lucy Lusenge, (Legal Officer at QnB) oversaw the activity whereby prior to the visitation, she made inquiries on how the Firm could be of help to the hospital and the cancer patients. Upon her first inquiry visit to the hospital, she met with the Social Worker in charge Mr. Justin Chambo who informed her of the challenges the hospital was facing with its patients and ways to help the patients. Procedures of securing a visitation to the patients was then adhered to and a permission letter was granted to the Firm to conduct our visit to the hospital patients.

The permission letter was attached with a list of items that the hospital would like the Firm to purchase to help the patients; the items included colostomy bags, adult diapers, toothbrush, toothpaste, bathing soap, body oil, milk, water and soap.

On the visitation day, the Firm members arrived at ORCI at around 10am where we unloaded the items bought for the patients by the Firm and packed them into individual bags for sharing.

We were guided by the Social Worker during the visit, who ushered us to Block D, Floor No.2 where the patients were hospitalized. We were introduced to the Nurse-in-Charge for the day upon whom we handed the pampers and colostomies to (patients are not allowed to receive them directly as per the hospital rules). The Social Worker went on to take us to various patient wards, 6 wards to be precise, where we were fortunate to meet the patients and personally hand them the gift packages we had prepared, 30 gift packages, and they were all grateful.

Upon finishing to visit and distribution of the gift packages, the management of the hospital thanked us for our contribution, and we thanked them as well for allowing us the opportunity to give back as well as co-operating with us to visit the patients.

The day was a success, and the Firm accomplished the goal it had set. The Hospital was grateful and invited the Firm for future visits. All QnB staff members were ecstatic in being part of the activity and were looking forward to the next.

Report prepared by:
Ms. Lucy Lusenge, Legal Officer

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